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Above and Beyond is Maine’s premier roofing service that goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations, providing exceptional quality and dedicated customer care backed by years of experience.

Metal Roofing

Above and Beyond, LLC is a residential and commercial roofing contract, diversified and able to provide a wide range of products including all types of roofing systems as well as roofing repair.

Above and Beyond, LLC is a quality installer of various roofing products and systems manufactured by respected companies through a network of sales representatives. As part of our commitment to quality of services, we have properly trained and professional employees who are responsible to fulfill the completion of our contracted workload.

Our projects are properly managed with pre-planning, complete and accurate pro-ject information packages, effective communications and diligent supervision. A safety program is established and an important factor in all of our activities.

Above and Beyond, LLC competes with numerous other companies for customers. Many of the competitors provide similar services. However, we believe that our reputation for quality services, developing relationships with the current and new clients, will allow us to maintain and expand our current level of sales despite an increasingly competitive environment.

We will continue to grow our market share of roofing services through the dedication of a strong management and installation team.

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